Our tasks are like links in a chain that represents an overall outcome. As we focus on our individual tasks, we need to ensure that the overall progress towards achieving the outcome is also good.

Follow-ups are the key to doing something whole, on time and with good quality. If you just pass on information or a query to someone and wait on it forever, thinking that “I did my part. It’s up to someone else now”, think twice. If you care about the overall progress, please call that person and find out how it is going on. See if they received everything they need and find out if there is something you can do to help proceed to the next step towards reaching the outcome. Or ask when they can give you what you need. So, don’t wait endlessly and miss out on quality or deadline when you can just simply pick up the phone and figure out things with your internal and external team mates.

If others are dependent on your deliverables, let them know how things are going. And try to communicate in a reasonable time frame. Don’t keep them waiting forever. Keep the big picture in mind. Our ‘link’ matters. But other links matter too, to make a strong chain.

“In teamwork, silence isn’t golden. It is deadly.”


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