We often focus on what we are teaching and how we are teaching, and if we are ‘covering the syllabus’. While that is not bad, the emphasis should be on Learning rather than Teaching. When our focus shifts from our teaching to ‘student-learning’, we will automatically do better teaching. Are the students listening, are they engaged, are they participating, are they learning? These should be the key concerns.

When so much information is at their finger tips these days, ‘covering the syllabus’ is far less important than piquing their interest in the subject matter. Once, you have them interested, you can inspire them to explore, understand, question and dig deeper. You can facilitate that process and lead them to apply the knowledge and even create.

When you focus on the learning, you will also structure the content to suit their needs, and tailor your style to be more productive in achieving the teaching goals or rather, ‘learning goals’.


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DR.VIJAYALAKSHMI D · October 18, 2023 at 11:04 am

Interesting read.

Completely agree upon this. “we teach; are they learning?”. every teacher should have this question in their mind. Plan, design and execute their pedagogy in such a way that it reaches the Gen Z students and there by they are competent enough to be meet the industry standards /achieve their goal.

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