The more versatile you are, the better your work and greater your career growth.

Versatility means ability to do several different things or serve various functions. If a carpenter says he would only cut wood or only shape wood or only nail or only glue, he would not be able to build anything by himself. But if a carpenter can cut, shape, nail, glue, polish and paint, he can produce an entire product by himself.

Strong leaders usually have a broad set of skills. For example, CEOs are often seen to have an understanding of various fields such as accounting, marketing, public relations, product development and customer relations.

If you do narrow tasks, your usefulness and growth will also be narrow. When you broaden your scope, you make things interesting for yourself and will also produce better.

When you think ‘it’s not in my scope’, think again. Can you still help in the interest of finishing a task or reaching a goal? Can you at least coordinate with the right individuals to get things done? Do not draw strict lines of scope of work. Be willing to work with each other even if it is a little outside your scope in order to complete something useful as a team.

When you extend your limits you will observe that you become more self-reliant.

“Do not forget that we can think, climb, leap, run, throw, swim and fight with more versatility than any other creature on the  planet.”


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