Dr. Sandhya is a technologist, educator and innovator. She strives towards quality of school and higher education. She is a mother of a three year old and is deeply interested in child psychology and good parenting techniques. She enjoys inspiring and teaching teenagers and youth. Dr. Sandhya fights for gender equality. She believes in living joyfully while excelling at work.

Dr. Sandhya is a co-founder of Sky Innovations which aims to solve real-world problems with a goal to improve life and environment. She serves on the Board of Trustees of VIT and the Governing Board of VIT-AP. She brings over 32 years of experience from product development, engineering management and higher education administration from USA and India. She is a Master in Computer Science Engineering from RIT, USA and a Ph.D in Management Sciences from CoE, Guindy, Anna University.

With a penchant for quality of products and people’s work life, she successfully directed large scale software product development. She contributed to Yodlee, USA in growing it from 15 to 350 employees. She was part of the team that did pioneering work in aggregation of data, business intelligence and building financial applications on top of the anonymized data. She developed and led the E-Commerce engineering group which provided the technology behind Walmart.com that made it the No. 2 E-Commerce player in the USA, in early 2000s. She was part of the leadership team that setup the Intuit India Development Center and built high performance software development teams and managed product development of QuickBooks, Intuit Payroll etc.

She is a key player in establishing the VIT institutions, enhancing the higher education offerings and improving the quality of the institutions. She firmly believes in the group’s vision to transform life itself through excellence in education and research. She is part of the core group that has established the VIT-AP University from ground up with the vision of “Improving life through application of knowledge”. The University now attracts the best of students and faculty from various parts of the country.

This site makes an attempt at putting the various blogs together, at the behest of students, teachers and parents.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandhyapentareddy/

Contact Email: sandhya.office@vit.ac.in