You may or may not have heard about it. But this is not just a fancy term for potty training in infants, but a process that can be your child’s best friend. It is about excretion and how communication between infants/children and parents can lead to a hygienic and healthy method. It suits Indian conditions very well. If you have fallen prey to the over-use of diapers, think about going back to this good old method adapted to modern times.


Improved health: The biggest advantage is in avoiding urinary tract infections (UTIs) and skin rashes / diaper rashes.

Reduced waste: You’ll use far fewer diapers than before saving the environment.

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Summary: Elimination Communication (EC) is a method of early potty training in infants and kids. Parents can learn to listen to their children’s cues when they want to pee or poop, and help them do the same in a potty in a hygienic way. This is an olden days method adapted to current days. This method reduces diaper rashes and urinary tract infections while being much more environment friendly.


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