We are all too familiar with the Beauty and the Beast story. We enjoyed the classic in our times and the animated versions of it. You can find a couple of versions of it, for your recollection and enjoyment, in the references below.

You have wondered what the moral of the story is. The moral of course is to value character and kindness over appearance and superficial qualities. But then, at the end of the story as the Beauty (the heroine) cries out her love for the Beast, the beast turns into a handsome prince. So, are we not undoing the moral with that ending?  Through out the story, we portray that appearances don’t matter and then at the end we say that the Beast turns into a beautiful/handsome prince. That sounds contradictory to the moral, isn’t it?

Incidentally, in my story narration to my nieces, the beast never turned into a prince.  Years later, to my delight, the movie Shrek came out.

Why I tweak: https://drsandhya.org/2023/01/03/story-telling-for-kids/


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