I’m a woman. 

I don’t need to be put on a pedestal. I just want to be treated like an equal human being. 

I’m not a flower in a temple. Don’t hold me to higher and convenient moral standards. 

I’m fallible like you are. I cry and I laugh. I’m just like you.

I make a difference to my family, businesses and community. 

I struggle and I thrive. I’m not that different from you.

I care deeply for my family but I’m an individual too, just like you are. 

We all make sacrifices and live for each other. But don’t expect that to be my sole job. 

I live for you just as much as you live for me. I’m a modern woman. 

The purpose of my existence goes beyond my husband and children. 

I’m a grownup and capable of deciding on my own. 

I need no society, politicians and religious heads to tell me how to dress or behave more than they tell you. 

I’m an individual. Don’t expect me to fit perfectly into a mold created by culture and society.

I listen to my friends and family. 

But I am a grown woman and don’t need permission from the male members of my family to decide upon career and life choices. 

I am not your boss, nor your subordinate. I’m your partner. 

I’m better than you sometimes and worse than you at others. 

I am capable of helping and I’m not above receiving help. 

I realize that we sometimes have different capabilities and we bring both our abilities to the team. 

I respect you and would like to be respected, the same.

I don’t sit around and expect my rights to be handed to me. I’m the modern woman. I take control of my life. 

I don’t sit around till someone allows me to do something. I do it just as any other grown person. 

I care for you and I know you care for me too. 

I’m a woman but more than that, I’m a person just like you.


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