Women and girls are often overlooked or undervalued though they make up half of the world’s population and their voices are critical to global prosperity and peace. Unfortunately, social, legal, and financial barriers still hold many of them back.

Recently, a high-level roundtable discussion brought together an amazing group of women leaders, entrepreneurs, activists, scientists, educators, journalists and more to address the challenges of gender inequality and explore solutions. Under the leadership of Dr. Valli Arunachalam, Apogee Research Forum has organized the roundtable discussions which paved the way for Women-up, Tamil Nadu and its call to action.

Dr. Sandhya Pentareddy, Executive Director, VIT is keen on ensuring that women are given equal opportunity in leadership roles at various roles from first line management to CxOs. She said companies, at the very least, can ensure that the female : male ratio that exists in personnel across a company can be maintained at various leadership levels too. For instance, if we have 600 males and 400 females in a company, why can’t we have at least 4 women in a senior management of 10 people? Companies could train women employees in leadership skills. Further as an affirmative action, corporates could choose to spend 50% of their CSR funds on women empowerment initiatives.

She further stated that girls and boys have to be raised equally at home. Women empowerment and a girl’s future begins at home.

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R Deepa · March 22, 2023 at 3:26 am

Yes, Women future begins from home. I have two kids – both are boys. I always tell/teach them that both the gender are equal. There is no seperate work or brain for anyone to look one gender above the other and vise versa .

    Dr. Sandhya · March 24, 2023 at 8:43 am

    Thank you Deepa. If all moms of boys raise them your way, we’ll have a well-balanced society.

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