Learning is a joy. It gives you a skill that you seek or an enhancement you wish. True improvement lies in identifying our shortcomings and addressing them. We teach our youngsters/students that a person who asks a question may seem like a fool for a minute but one who doesn’t remains a fool for life. Then, why are we shy about filling those gaps that we know we have?

As life changes around us, it brings in new challenges and learning opportunities. We can adapt to those changes by developing our knowledge. The key to staying eminent is the step by step improvement to keep pace with life’s changes. You needn’t just keep pace with change but you could sometimes lead change or cause change for the better.

Learning is not always through formal training, and most of the learning happens on the job as you do the work. Today’s world gives us many self-learning tools. A smart learner can also learn from her peers, superiors and surroundings by simply observing. Sometimes, learning in groups is more appropriate. Whatever the situation, all you have to do is keep an open mind.   

Happy learning!


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