Let us analyse the following sentence: “I am not knowing the answer to this question”.

The correct usage is:
“I do not know the answer to this question”.

We, Indians, are known for over-using the -ing form where not necessary. Sometimes, the -ing form is completely wrong (as in the above sentence) and sometimes it is just not necessary.

Other examples of incorrect usage:
1. “I am not wanting to do this”.
2. “She is not liking him”.
Consider using the simple present instead of present continuous for usual or habitual actions or simple facts that don’t concern time or don’t usually change with time.
Example: If you play guitar usually, you say “I play guitar” instead of “I am playing guitar”. The former means that you usually play guitar whereas the latter means that you are playing it currently.

Correct forms of the incorrect ones written above:

1. I don’t want to do this.

2. She doesn’t like him.

Informally, we sometimes use “I’m not liking him” to mean that I’m beginning to dislike him or not beginning to like him. Anyway, this is not common.  If you want to say something like that, consider “I’m beginning to dislike him” or “I’m not getting to like him”.  But if you simply want to say you don’t like him, use simple present form: “I don’t like him”.


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