Here are some sentences with the words ‘Affect’ and ‘Effect’.

  1. Anna’s ideals and determination have affected lakhs of people.
  2. Will the bill really come into effect?  What effect will it ultimately produce?
  3. The movie was so affective that it moved me very much.
  4. Her teaching methods are effective.

See the difference between Affect & Effect? And Affective & Effective?

Affect is commonly used as a verb to mean ‘influence’ whereas Effect is used as a noun to mean result.  Ex: How is her writing affecting people (How is it influencing people)? What are the effects of the experiment (What are the results)?

Though not so common, Affect can also be used as a noun to mean ‘feeling / emotion’.  As you might have guessed now, Effect can also be used as a verb, and it means ‘to make happen / to produce’.  Ex: The new methodology effected faster resolutions.

“Anna’s speech was affective” means that Anna’s speech has influenced people’s feelings and emotions. Affective means ‘causing or influencing emotions and feelings’.  Effective means ‘capable of producing a result’.  “Anna proposed effective measures” means Anna proposed measures that have an ability to produce results.


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